Setting a Smarthost in Postfix

FreeBSD and Postfix

Postfix is an excellent email server that is available as a port for FreeBSD. My mail server is running in a Shaw cable modem as every now and they Shaw skrews up and starts blocking generic outbound SMTP cnnections from my mail server. Grrr.. When this happens I need a way to setup Postfix so that it will smarthost my mail through the shaw mail server. Here’s how to do I that:

Shaw’s email server is (replace this address below with your upstream mail server).

Edit /etc/postfix/, and add or edit this line:

relayhost =

Followed by restarting the postfix service:

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/postfix restart

This might be handy particularly for those who use a combination of Mutt + procmail + fetchmail to read their mail – old style. 

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